What comes to your mind with the term Covid-19? I guess it is not less than a horror movie. People wearing masks, carrying sanitizers, and death processions everywhere around the globe. So Governments from most countries decide to go for a lockdown process. And that is how every business is affected. Sells decreased in a rapid ratio. So every one of us became dependent on the internet and online services to maintain our livelihood. Most of the people who were not internet savvy also start surfing the internet to fulfill their needs. Businesses start understanding the value of their online presence. And here website and social media presence take a pivotal role.

Why and how Businesses are benefited through Website

  • Plumbers started getting online bookings.
  • Restaurants started food delivery.
  • Education institutions started online classes through zoom and other online platforms.
  • Offices started doing online meetings and conferences via Google Meet and other platforms.
  • E-Commerce businesses started selling products and services through their E-Commerce websites and mobile apps.

1) Brand Recognition

The website allows you to promote your business as a Brand. Once people start to recognize your brand it will become easy to increase your sales. Your website should be key-focused and well structured. Clean E-Commerce and online selling portals like Amazon, eBay, Bananicraft Textiles are the perfect examples. Zen Malik Consulting follows a well-structured design and the latest website designing trends in 2021.

You can check ‘The Power of Branding‘ for more details.

2) Easy Reach

Comparing offline and online presence gives you a clear idea of how it helps reach your potential customers very easily.

Jack was a tailor and after the lockdown, he was completely broken because his shop was closed. So, Zen Malik Consulting helped him to create a tailoring website with a booking system. It helped him to keep his tailoring shop running and brought new customers. His shop is no longer confined only to a particular area, rather his service area increased drastically. This is the power of online presence and having a website.

It gives you the privilege to reach a bulk number of customers at the same time. It also ensures that everyone who is using the internet via desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phones will become your potential customer.

3) Sells Potentiality

Website and SEO can increase your sales volume rapidly. Through an E-Commerce website, you can showcase your products and services and sell them online. BananiCraft Textiles a wholesale garment manufacturer was looking to increase their sells so they searched for the best web development company in Leicester and find Zen Malik Consulting. And got their E-Commerce Website and SEO done by Zen Malik Consulting. It increased their sales up to 60% within 6 months. Now BananiCraft Textiles became a garment wholesale brand. They are very happy to have their project done which leads them towards success. With the help of a website, you can easily showcase your service and products to your customers. Creating a sales funnel helps you drag customers towards you. So to have the best website you should keep everything in mind and choose the best company which will give you the best solution.

4) Step ahead from competitors

Having a website for a business can make your business a step ahead of your competitors. A business that doesn’t have any website is dependent on offline service. During lockdown situations, offline businesses remain close. As a result, most of the offline business suffers huge losses. But if you have a website then you can easily run your business without any break.

5) Long term Stability

A website can create a huge impact on a business. It can give long-term stability and business growth. Once your business grows and your customers know about your business it can bring stability.

6) Social Media

We are living in the internet age. Social media have created a major impact on everyone’s life. Over 2 billion people use social media daily. During the lockdown, people are more active in social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest).

In total, 2.47 billion daily active people (DAPs) access Facebook-owned products including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

So, it is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of social media platforms.

On Facebook, you can create Business pages, Groups and can sell your product and services. You can run ads on different social media and can target a specific audience to sell your product and services. You can link your website with social media and make difference and get more potential customers.

7) Passive and Active Income

A website can serve both as a passive and active income source for your business.

You can run your business only through the website and social media. Or can use it as a passive income source by using proper autopilot technique through website offered by Zen Malik Consulting.

8) Less Dependency

Once you have a website for your business you no longer have to depend on any other 3rd party service provider. And in most of the cases don’t have to pay any monthly or yearly charges. Meanwhile, if a lockdown situation occurs again then it will be a longer hassle for you.

9) Easy Contact

Having a contact form and proper contact details helps your customer to reach you. Google Map integration adds value to find your exact business location. And it helps you to rank on google and other search engines as well.

10) Social responsibility

Being a Responsible citizen of your country you should maintain all Covid-19 guidelines while maintaining social distancing.
A website gives you the privilege to run your business without any physical interactions with your customers.

Looking for a new website? We’re happy to help!

While experiencing this Covid -19 situation we have taken the initiative to provide a website to all the businesses around the globe.

Our motto is ”Website for every business”.  If you already own a website we will help you to revamp maintain the latest trends.

We also offer Digital Marketing Solutions such as – Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google Local Listing, Ad words, PPC, and other sorts of marketing strategies. We have a separate team of Graphic designers who will help you to create Logos, Banners, Videos, Digital Cards, and other graphics according to the nature of your business. We will help you to go ahead of your competitors and gain more traffic towards your business

We hope to start a journey with you and deliver you with best digital solutions. 

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