Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of planning, writing and editing .Web content typically for Digital Marketing purposes. It can include writing blogs, posts and articles ,scripts for videos as well as content for specific platforms.

10 skills every great content writer needs

  • Adaptability

  • Strong research skills

  • A solid understanding of seo

  • Organizational skills

  • The ability to get focused

  • The ability to meet deadlines

  • Communicate

  • Editing ,editing and more editing

  • Deliver quality

  • Staying in demand

At Zen Malik we do intensive market research to ensure the content brings “success to the business”.

Content Marketing

Benefits Of Content Marketing

  • Content is the oxygen of a website and Google like content

  • Content marketing drives more sales

  • Content marketing amplifies your brand awareness

  • Content marketing grows your social media

  • It helps drives more visibility to your pages

  • Content writing is the foundation of all the marketing platforms