In many respects, 2020 was, to say the least, an odd year. Everything in your life has influenced the Covid-19 epidemic. From our social behavior, our job and our business operations all across the world. The only realistic alternative for many companies to remain on the map has been the migration to a digital environment and this has significantly affected digital marketing techniques.

The prediction is not all that different, at least the first quarter of 2021. More and more organizations and employees will have to shift online to continue working at a distance. This ‘new normal’ saves companies their lives via digital marketing, by gaining new clients, maintaining the present client base and generating profit.

Here are the best digital marketing trends in 2021:

Allocate a certain budget for cookie-free public awareness initiatives

If people typically spend a large portion of their days on social media, that time will have expanded enormously by 2020. According to the website Whatagraph:

An adult’s average daily time spent on social media was 142 minutes in 2018, rising to nearly two and a half hours in 2019, and three hours in 2020. This is only going to grow, since by 2021, more than 3 billion individuals are predicted to use social media platforms.

That implies that if a product is available on social media sites, firms have a better chance of making a sale. Users are there, and shoppable posts make the process much simpler for them. It is critical to make discovery, customization, payment, and delivery easier for users. Brands require their products to be available where their customers are. It’s no longer enough to have a Shopify, Woo-Commerce, or Prestashop online store.

It is free and easy to create a store using social networking. Brands may pick which goods they want to display, personalize their pictures, various colors and fonts in their listings. Facebook Shops offers also the catalogue function, which allows customers to browse the business in different categories.

New functions even enable viewing items for viewers to buy directly on Instagram while live broadcast and allow companies to link and monitor their loyalty programs across the app.

2021 Interactive content

interactive content

It is crucial to provide users a valuable experience by spending more time surfing the internet every day. You want to engage with clients, and interactive content is the method to achieve this. It not only promotes involvement, it also provides amusement.

In the digital world content marketing has for a while been a trend. Digital trends are, nevertheless, increasingly deemed a good practice for 2021. It is a trend that advances towards personalization to provide interactive content.

Some of the most common interactive notions about content are:

Surveys Polls Gift Contests


Interactive Videos

Widgets of computer



Even one or a combination of these methods may make your company wonderful. In addition to your enhanced brand experience, you will boost the amount of time you spend on your website with your content.

Increase Voice Search  features by the users

There have been voice search instructions with Siri since 2011. In recent times, consumers are growing increasingly used to requesting information through voice search by introducing gadgets such as Google Home and Alexa into our living spaces. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, said that 20% of search requests are made by voice.

As this trend increases, companies need to consider maximizing content in their digital marketing campaigns and adding voice search. The first stage is to generate material in a “conversational” and natural way that meets the questioning of customers. It is also important to create questions and have a mobile friendly website.

Optimized voice search content provides companies with a chance to reach new audiences, as the results typically differ from those used in a conventional text search.

Optimization of artificial intelligence digital marketing

The effective usage of Artificial Intelligence enables digital marketing techniques to be considerably refined and improved. AI provides marketers with the capability to get useful insights about their user behavior, campaign achievement, and analytics to enhance their digital marketing campaigns and customer overall communication.

It can react to all of the data acquired by AI. This enables a better experience of customers with personalized content. Artificial intelligence may be used to present e-commerce sites by offering consumers items that are relevant in relation to their prior activity, such as searches, purchases and views.

Zen Malik Consulting, for example, delivers automatic online push reports that are a fairly intriguing and valuable AI form. By collecting and processing information from the behavior of the user throughout the surfing process, web-push notifications are generated and provided with hyper-personalized contents based on the activities of the user.

If a user accepts them, messages will be sent to them depending on their activities on the site. The user receives the messages. A message with precise information on what they liked will be provided when you browse a category, product, or add an article to your shopping basket. Contact Zen Malik Consulting if you want to see how automatic communication works.

With AI, marketers may make user product recommendations, hyper-personalization of communications, display and search ad optimization, email marketing and even content marketing by finding out more effectively what works and what kind of content is.

Webinars for 2021 Video marketing

Content audiovisual is a potent instrument that attracts visitors effortlessly. It allows a lot of material to be shared in a very dynamic way in a short period.

These traits inherent in videos make them more accountable to everybody. Many of us rather than read extensive articles or blogs, look at a little movie. Social media is an excellent method for sharing video content because every site has short films such as tales and cartons.

Covid-19 pandemic was also an essential ingredient for any digital plan to promote video marketing. For example, webinars have become required in all businesses to replace face-to-face events. 2021 trends aim for this not to be transient and video contents should be regularly used in the marketing mix of the marketers.

Google Ads automatic intelligent bidding strategy

In many digital marketing techniques, automation is the future. Marketers invest time and energy manually tweaking their keywords and offers while conducting a Google Ads campaign. In addition to being incredibly time-consuming, a lot of conjecture may be damaging to your campaign.

Automated tenders for Google Ads remove all these conjectures and assist companies to more efficiently reach their aims. Google analyses all the information and modifies the offers to optimize the effectiveness of your ads.

While automated tenders are not all that new, Google has improved considerably over the last year, making digital marketing techniques important to 2021. Marketers may be certain and take their important time to optimize their marketing mix for other factors.

In a few of words…

The fact is, we can’t fully forecast the future of digital marketing in 2021, even with our greatest efforts (marketers thought they could earlier this year, and look at what happened). The year 2020 was in many ways disruptive, which brought us down to earth and made us feel that we don’t know what would happen.

Trends in digital marketing in 2021 are moving towards automation and individualization. The trends are designed to provide extremely personalized users with content and relieve pressure to do so using artificial intelligence-enabled automated technologies.

Brands should concentrate their efforts on developing customer-centered marketing and user-related content strategies. For a while now, this is a trend in digital communication and is the trend which will not die, particularly in uncertain times.