During a lockdown, here are some marketing strategies to keep the customers interested.

We’ve all been shocked by the coronavirus pandemic and are patiently awaiting the planet to return to normal. You can’t predict the future, but you can do whatever you can to keep your business stable. Many companies have challenged their own survival as a result of this situation. For now, the most you can do is revisit some of your marketing ideas in order to enhance your engagement with customers.
If your company is still open for business or has had to close temporarily, you should not let your customers forget about you.If you play your cards correctly, customer engagement will skyrocket. People spend more time online due to self-isolation, and your online presence will be highlighted now more than ever. That is why, particularly now, a review of your marketing ideas is a good idea.
Get inspired by the marketing ideas below that will keep your customers engaged and help you create commitment and trust during the lockdown.

Here are a few pointers to think about during the development process:

  • Make video content that is appropriate for your target audience.

  • To get more views, post the video content on social media.

  • Keep your video under two minutes long (videos under 2 minutes long get the most engagement)

  • Make sure the video is of good quality.

Creating Polls :

What could be more engaging than asking consumers for their feedback directly? Create surveys to demonstrate how valuable your customers are to you.
Since social media understands how entertaining polls can be, Instagram launched the Instagram Story Polls feature. Ask a few questions of your followers on everything from how they spend their quarantine time to what kind of content they’d like you to post. Ask them thought-provoking questions and then wait for the answers.
The data you collect will be used to improve future marketing strategies and tailor content to the preferences of your customers. You can create content for your customers based on the results of polls. Read editing service reviews to find qualified writing and editing firms that can take the information and turn it into engaging material for your website and social media.

Increase the number of blog posts :

People will turn to the internet for quality content to read now that they have more time on their hands. Now is the time to improve your website’s SEO by regularly posting new material on your blog.
If you don’t already have a blog, you can launch one right away. Blogs are outstanding traffic generators. When users arrive on your website, they can quickly wander off to browse your items once they’ve finished reading the article.
Attract visitors to your website with engaging topics and keep them there with high-quality content. End blog posts with a question that users should address in the comments section to facilitate user engagement.

Start a challenge :

On social media, challenges are one of the most common topics. If you come up with a fun challenge, it will go viral in no time.

By asking users to complete a specific action, you can provide them with some relaxation. This does necessitate some extra creative thinking, but if you come up with something nice, the result can have a big effect on your market. You’ll also need the help of your coworkers and friends to publicise the challenge and encourage people to participate.

The challenge should be something that users can complete at home. Let’s pretend you’re a cosmetics company. Doing a makeup look in under a minute is an example of a task you should take on. Using Instagram’s features like Stories and IGTV to spread the word about the challenge is a perfect way to do so.You will get inspired direct traffic while also improving your social media pages if you add a hyperlink on Instagram that leads to your website.